Self Storage Tips

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Here are few things to check for when looking for self storage units

  • Security
    • Does the self storage facility have video surveillance?
    • Is the video written to a hard drive. If so, how many days of video surveillance history is stored on the drive?
  • Climate Control
    • Is climate control needed for the goods you are putting into self storage? Valuable furniture, important paper documents should be stored in climate controlled units if being store more than 60 days.
  • Condensation Insulation
    • Check for insulation on the roof of the self storage units. A blanket of ceiling insulation prevents condensation from forming on the ceiling and dripping onto your contents.
  • Property Maintenance
    • Is the facility well maintained?
    • Are the buildings in good shape?
    • Is the yard clean and neat?
  • Lighting
    • Is the yard well lit at night?
    • Proper lighting is important for theft deterrent, and is useful if you need to access your self storage unit in the evening.

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